Loginter has developed an outstanding track record as a Project Manager in the design, implementation and execution of steel products provisioning logistics in large scale hydrocarbon sector projects.

  • Bolivia-Brazil Gas Pipeline: 3,150 km (557 km in Bolivia and 2,593 km in Brazil). 750,000 tons of 36" diameter pipes.
  • Yacuiba-Río Grande Gas Pipeline : 400 km of length and 115,000 tons of pipes.
  • Eastern Gas Pipeline : Machine line provisioning and transportation of 65,000 tons of coated pipes.
  • Karina Aries : Unloading of ships, loading of barges, storage and provisioning of pipes to the pipeline, operating simultaneously in the port of La Plata and the port of Punta Quilla.
  • Y.P.F : Megaproject, provisioning of pipes to the plant.

Loginter participates in several challenges:

  • Sierra Grande Mine : Project and engineering works management for Punta Colorada port facilities reactivation and reorganization, including the installation of a new anchoring field for Panamax type vessels and initial testing with a load of 60,000 tons of iron ore to overseas vessel.
  • Socotherm / Total Austral : Installation of two Karina Aries offshore platforms/Logistics works for the provisioning of 68 kilometers of pipes and equipment to the line.
  • Aguas Argentinas : Moving 750 work stations from one building to another within a 56 hour period.