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Loginter’s experience in loading and unloading vessels, and handling, transport and storage of special loads, gives it the necessary technical capability to implement comprehensive large scale operations for some of the following principals:

  • Techint: Light and heavy parcel stowage and transportation during Project Argener implementation.
  • Potasio Río Colorado/Bertling: Comprehensive service, ship unloading at the port of Dock Sud, storage and transportation to Mendoza, and unloading of complete 4500 m3 drilling rig .
  • Helmerich&Payne;: Unloading, handling and transportation of drilling equipment for the oil industry .
  • Usiminas: Loading of 7,000 tons of machinery and equipment onto ship.
  • Barragán Central in Ensenada: In the port of La Plata, unloading from ships of heavyweight material cycle plant, including parts weighing 300 tons, storage in port area and on truck delivery.
  • CCR project, YPF: In the port of La Plata, unloading from ships of materials with special dimensions, of over 100 tons for oil refinery, storage in the port area of Ensenada and on truck delivery.
  • Rawson wind farm – Vestas Company: In the port of Puerto Madryn, unloading of approximately 100,000 m3 of wind mill parts, storage and delivery on transportation equipment.
  • Magallanes Project – Tenaris/Allseas: In the port of Punta Quilla, unloading of 30,000 tons of cement-lined pipes, storage, classification, identification, loading on trucks, internal transportation within port area and ship loading.
  • DIADEMA Wind Farm – WobbenWindEnergy Company: In the port of Comodoro Rivadavia, unloading of 8,000 m3 of windmill parts, storage and delivery on transportation equipment.
  • Loma la Lata Central – Geodis Wilson: In the port of Bahía Blanca, unloading of combined cycle boiler components. Total material loading of 10,000 tons with parts weighing up to 200 tons.
  • Mc Key: Disassembly, packing, consolidation, storage and transportation of 2,000 m3 of installations to move a meat-processing plant for its relocation in a foreign country.
  • Impsa: Unloading and loading of ships for Tacoma and Macagua projects. Unloading of ships, reception and delivery of windmill spare parts for Arauco project in La Rioja.
  • Plaza Group: Unloading of ships, storage, transportation and unloading on railway wagons.
  • Fate: Disassembly of inactive production lines, movement and commissioning of new machines.
  • Río Turbio Project – IsoluxCorsan: In the port of Punta Quilla, unloading ships, transportation within the port, unloading in storage area, storage and on truck delivery. Total operation 50,000 m3.
  • Mega Project: In the port of Bahía Blanca, unloading, storage and Just in Time delivery of 35,000 tons of pipes to production line.
  • ABB: In the port of Puerto Madryn, unloading, storage and transportation of 115 tons of transformers and supplementary accessories for a total of 3,000 m3.
  • Alstom: In the port of Puerto Madryn, unloading and transportation of components for Aluar Plant expansion.
  • Jumbo Shipping: In the port of Puerto Madryn, unloading from ship of turbines and generators of up to 300 tons for Aluar Plant expansion.
  • S.D.V. Material Ferroviario: In the port of Dock Sud, unloading of 5 ships containing railway material, wagons and locomotives, total loading 60,000 m3 with parts up to 150 tons.

Loginter provides services for the leading vessel owners and maritime agencies of project cargo: BBC, Intermarine, Spliethoff, TBS, Rickmers, Cosco, ScanTrans, Clipper, Jumbo Shipping, Wagenborg, Thorco, among other important companies Loginter is chosen as the preferred port operator in all the ports where it operates: it assumes the commitment and responsibility of being the first link in the logistics chain for projects in Argentina.